“If you want to learn how a team in the gaming industry works, then this is right course for you” -alumni

Challenge yourself and come to work together in teams and learn communication skills by developing video games, in this fast paced and intensive programme.

  • Boost your team working skills
  • Get yourself introduced to the games industry
  • Get yourself introduced to the games industry
  • Be part of the GTD Alumni Club, working together beyond the programme

About the Course

Innovative jobs and roles require the ability to work in a dynamic team environment. Team skills are essential whether you are studying or working. By challenging yourself and others to contribute to a collaborative project, you will learn communication skills such as active listening and collective knowledge building

200+ Hours Live

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Phenomenon-based Learning Methods

200+ Hours Live

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What will you Learn?

How will you Learn?

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Dr. Jan Stogårds

CEO and Course Leader

Dr. Jan Storgårds is Academic Leader, entrepreneur, Director of CADGI (Cambridge Academy of Games and Innovation) and CEO of Cambridge Gamechanger ltd. He has over 25 years of experience working in the industry and academia with high technology companies and technology cluster development, including video games and gamification. He holds Dr.Sc. in information systems science in computer games development from Aalto University, Finland. Prior to his current role he was Sector Lead for Digital and Creative Industries at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and currently mentor at Cambridge Judge Business School (University of Cambridge) working with start-ups and early-stage technology companies including video games studios.

Filip Bovin

Course Leader and Teamwork Developer

Filip Bovin is a Course Leader and Teamwork Developer. He is Social Entrepreneur & Director of TUTORS companies based in Finland and Spain. Filip graduated from Helsinki University with Educational Psychology as a major. He has various background from educational, social and business sectors in Finland and Spain. Filip has developed own models to support his creative vision like TuDo-internship model together with more than 10+ Educational Institutions and Street Hockey and Senior Football in Fuengirola.

About the Roles

There are four important roles in the game industry. With each role, comes a great responsibility. Get ready to work, think and execute your knowledge by collaborating within your team and get insights of each role by bearing its responsibilities.


Producer is the heart of the game, ensuring the successful completion of the game. Responsible for overall vision and bussiness case

MS Teams | Trello/Hailer | MS Power Point | One Drive | TuNet


Are the link to every resource of the project. They are one who manages everything, from setting deadlines, scoping and handling resources to the delivering of the final game

MS Teams | Trello/Hailer | MS Power Point | One Drive | TuNet


Designers are the creative side of the game. They give feel to the game by conceptualizing and adding all the audio and visuals to the same

MS Teams | Trello/Hailer | MS Power Point | One Drive | TuNet


Developers are the backbone of any game. They code all the ideas and make the game playable and fun

MS Teams | Trello/Hailer | MS Power Point | One Drive | TuNet | Unity 3D | Git | GitHub | VS Code

Wanna find out which of the above roles suit you best? Why not find it in a fun way!



Alumni Club

Stay in touch even after the course completion and explore numerous opportunities.

Alumni Club Members have exclusive access to all the resources recieved and used from the course providers ends.

They will have priority access to working opportunites with industry experts.

They would be eligible for recommendations from course leader.

They would also have various opportunities to work with experts and other similar interested students on various projects.

We Encourage Diversity !
Our Student’s come from 13+ countries

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Producer is the BOSS 
Game Director will take care of taking the project from idea to the end and resourcing 
Designer is arts and design 
Developers are programming

You will study theory and practice individually. 
You will study theory and practice in teams. 
You will participate the discussion and tasks during lectures. 
You will develop as a Final Project a game in a team. 

No, unfortunately. However, you will earn ECTS from IVGC.course content that you will be studying during these weeks. 

You have the option to view all presentations at a later time as they are recorded.

Unfortunately, downloading the video materials is not allowed as they are protected by ‘All Rights Reserved’ and cannot be distributed.

On the other hand, there will be certain presentations and accompanying materials that can be downloaded for your convenience

You can watch all presentation afterwards, as they are recorded.  

However, downloading them, in principle no, the video materials are protected as ‘All Rights Reserved’ and cannot be downloaded. 

However, there will be presentations and other shared materials that can be downloaded. 

Games are one of the most exciting, fast moving, and lucrative creative industries worldwide. In the last 20 years the industry has matured and diversified. There are several key disciplines people can specialise in. This course will provide a beginners guide to hands on games creation. Learn more

GTD Genesis (Pilot group): – 90%, students that participated the course during summer 2022 

  • IVGC Maximum discount: – 60% (by completing 25 ECTS of IVGC.course) 

OR in parts 

  • IVGC M10-18: – 20% 
  • IVGC M1: – 20%  
  • IVGC M2, M3, M4 and M5: – 5% / each 

The program is not credit (ECTS) bearing. However, it is approximately worth of 10 ECTS of study work. If you are studying in a related field (e.g. IT/Entrepreneurship/Business management/Games), you can ask your course leader if this course’s credits would be transformable towards your degree. 

We will try our best to give advice how can you take your career to the next step. There will be a discussion about this at the end of the course. 

No, you just have to study and work a bit harder than the rest of the people. We have students here with a very diverse background, some with no experience and some with a lot of experience. Our age range is between 17-30, more or less.